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Django admin based sample, reagent and experiment metadata tracking.

Summary: Annot is a web application, developed for biological wetlab experiment layout, sample and reagent logging, so that data is ready for sharing and analysis. On its core annot makes use of the acpipe_anjson library and acjson - assay coordinate json - file format. The use of controlled vocabulary from ontologies for sample and reagent annotation is enforced. Annot’s modular implementation can be adapted to a variety of experimental paradigms.

Implementation: The annot web application is implemented in python3 utilizing roughly django, postgresql, nginx. Annot is deployed via docker container platform. Annot code it self is thereby packed into a debian docker container.

Annot was developed using for browser the firefox developer edition. However, all major browsers are supported.

Source code is available under GNU AGPLv3 license. This manual is written under the GNU FDLv1.3 license.

This are links to source code and a poster presentation at PyCon 2015 Montreal, Canada at the very beginning of project.

This user manual: is structured in tutorial, how-tos, reference and discussion.