Author List and Acknowledgment

Authors in alphabetic order:

Amanda Esch: wet lab knowledge antibody
Carly King: co-programmer and documentation
Damir Sudar: conceptual input
David Kilburn: conceptual input
Derrick Hee: cron job programmer
Elmar Bucher (bue): main programmer
Jim Korkola: wet lab knowledge MEMA assay
Joe Gray: principal investigator
Laura Heiser: principal investigator
Mark Dane: conceptual input
Michel Nederlof: conceptual input
Nicholas Wang : conceptual input
Rebecca Smith: wet lab knowledge protein and compounds
Tiera Liby: wet lab knowledge biological samples
Wally Thompson: wet lab knowledge protein and compounds; main tester

Who is Author?

It does not matter if you contributed to the project by code or documentation, when your fork is ready to be merged with the official master branch add your self to the author list! There are as well authors that have not contributed by code or documentation, but by conceptual input, wet lab scientist knowledge or user testing which was important to the project too.


This work was supported by the NIH LINCS center grant 1U54HG008100 to J.W.G.