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Annot is a web application to annotate bioscience experiments, to capture the experiments metadata and link it to the data, so that data are ready for analysis and sharing. Annot is utterly modularly implemented to be adaptable to each laboratories specific needs.

Annot is written in Python 3 with Django. The source code is distributed under the free and open source GNU AGPLv3 license, while this documentation is under the free and open source GNU FDLv1.3 license.


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Version Log

v0.3 2015-12-21 wintersolstice 2015 release:
alpha verion - shaped while entering the links pilote study.

v0.2 2015-09-09 midsummer 2015 release:
beta version - first somehow for the wetlab usefull version. will be shaped this autum.

v0.1 2015-04-15 PyCon 2015 Montreal release:
gamma version - still under development, not ready for productive use.

v0.0 2014-09-12 first push:
and a poked full of ideas to be implemented.